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  • Input voltage: DC 12V-40V, power: 0.01-400W, current: rated current 8A, large through current 10A, quiescent current 0.02A (standby state), frequency: 13khz, PWM pulse width speed regulation range: 10%-100%.
  • Equipped with 10A fuse, with power supply reverse connection, control voltage overvoltage protection function, equipped with high-quality potentiometer, suitable for DC motor speed control.
  • 50V1000uF large capacitor, compared with other types of speed regulators, the capacitance value of 100-220uF has obvious advantages.
  • If you need the forward and reverse function, you can connect the positive and negative switch by yourself.
  • The power tube uses IRF3205, which is a big cow, and there is absolutely no need to worry about not being able to drive your motor. (Maximum value of parameter drain current Id: 82A; maximum voltage Vds: 75V; on-state resistance, Rds(on): 0.013ohm).

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