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12V 1 Channel Relay Module (10Amp)

A 12V 1-channel relay module is an electronic module that controls an electrical circuit with an electromagnetic switch. To turn on or off devices that operate at 10A or lower current, it can be controlled by a microcontroller, a switch, or other digital circuits. 

This is a small and simple one-channel relay board that runs on 12V. It can be used to directly operate one 240V power appliance from ArduinoRaspberry Pi, and other microcontrollers or low voltage circuits. Ideal for switching 240V appliances such as lights, fans, and so on, as well as high-power motors at lower voltages.

A 12V power source, a control circuit, and a relay with a switching capability of 10A are typical components of a relay module. You can use the control circuit to transmit a digital signal (high or low) to the relay, which will then open or close the circuit.

Relay modules are widely used in automation and control systems such as home automation, robotics, and industrial control. They are also utilised in automotive applications, such as regulating lighting and other electrical components in a vehicle.

Also check 12V 4-Channel Relay Board offered by Robocraze. The relay board is designed to control various appliances and equipment with a large current, and it can be directly controlled by Micro-controllers such as Arduino, 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, MSP430, and TTL logic.

Quantity : 2pcs

Volt : 12v

Amp : 10amp

Channel : 1

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